freefly team


These are the fellows who founded the United Freeflyers of Utti. Now these guys are keen on sequentials, windtunnels, buildings, antennas, spans and earth. Currently their competition days are over (but you never know, they might return!).

Juha and Juhis are active instructors (IAD, Static line, AFF) in their home clubs while Markus is mainly focusing on BASE-jumping.

The Crew also produced The Fly Free video saga (VOL. I, II and III) with the earlier members of the team. The Fly Free vol. I was shown by Finnish National TV´s HOTSPORT -program.

Name: Juha “Putki, Pipe, Paippi, Pipu” Putkisaari
First jump: 1998 (skydive), 2011 (B.A.S.E.)
Total number of Skydives: 4000+, B.A.S.E. 6
Harness: Vector 3 Micron
Main parachute: Performance Designs Velocity 96 sqft / Precision Aerodynamics Xaos-21 88 sqft
Reserve: PD Reserve 106sqft

BIO: Fly Free, Fly Safe !

You can find Juha organizing or coaching skydivers in freeflying on local dropzones (even in Ireland) or tumbling in a wind tunnel… watch those walls and net!!! Meanwhile Pipe also have little time for students, with static line and AFF.

Name: Juha-Matti ” Juhis” Sironen
First jump: 2001 (skydive), 2010 (B.A.S.E.)
Total number of Skydives: 2300+, B.A.S.E. 47
Harness: Wings / Wings EXT / Relax
Main parachute: Performance Designs Velocity 96 sqft / Icarus Canopies (J)VX 94 sqft / Troll DW 265
Reserve: PdF Techno 128sqft

BIO: Have fun, enjoy the air.

You can find Juhis freeflying on local dropzones and dropping/jumping with students or filming tandems..

Name: Markus “Maretus” Saari
First jump: 1997 (skydive), 2003 (B.A.S.E.)
Total number of Skydives: 1450+, B.A.S.E. 1300+
Harness: Hybrid / Hybrid LD+ / wsExtreme
Main parachute: Trango 265, 2xTroll 265
Reserve: What is that?

BIO: “Ei se kattomalla parane!”

Markus is at the moment mostly enjoying the jumps around beautiful Switzerland with some occasional travelling to other locations. Tracking in winters and long wingsuit flights during summers is the name of the game.

But you never know when and where UFU reunion will take place…